An ecosystem of business networks for their needs
as investment partners, promoters and national and international suppliers around integrated projects.
Catalysts for the development of multilateral cooperation
oriented towards the establishment of business partnerships.
Promotion of foreign direct investment
through regional centers to accelerate economic growth.

The Company

Assistance for the promotion of international direct investment through regional HUBs for the development of strategic alliances

BALDER Business Intelligence is a company with an international business intelligence dimension that has established a new aid and assistance mechanism for the development of multilateral partnerships between companies from various sectors and public institutions and through their regional HUBs with transnational and intercontinental deployment.

Value creation for our Customers

Our commitment to sustainable development at the service of society in an efficient and ethically responsible way

The creation of value for our Customers aims to put in contact two distinct communities by calling on a quality network of strategic partners pre-selected subcontractors, with the aim of creating value and revenue by supporting our Customers for access to aid, targeted market benefits and international funding programs.

Our services

Development of business alliances between investors-promoters-suppliers through the search for partners, the organization of meetings, encounters and support in negotiations within the framework of regional integrated projects and the promotion of new market niches.


Search phase for a new business opportunity: Promotion of various integrated regional projects through our network of strategic partners and the organization of business meetings sessions.
Regional Integrated Project Design Phase: Facilitate administrative processes and support the development of financial, technical and commercial investment files.
Development of a business partnership: Support in the development of a business partnership around a regional integrated project.
Operating Phase:
Protecting the investor, promoter or supplier and helping them to resolve disputes by improving the business environment and increasing the attractiveness of the territory, by transferring the difficulties encountered by the partners to public decision-makers, as in the case of debt recovery after service done and well performed.

Development of international business partnerships
Development of international business partnerships

Promoters of integrated regional projects, public or private, national or international, who want to move from an innovative idea to the concretion and execution of it-solicit the services of BALDER Business Intelligence for the development of business partnerships that will lead to an acceleration of the project in an ecosystem vision investors - promoters - suppliers, since the identification and evaluation of potential partners by providing information and offers on-measures, the organization of unilateral and multilateral meetings with accompaniment in the negotiations by the elaboration of cooperation strategies through the search for international means of financing up to the contractualization based on its rich network of strategic collaborative alliances.

Development of new markets
Development of new markets

The activity of BALDER Business Intelligence allows it to have a central status and a recognized notoriety
that give legitimacy as a rescriber to recommend to the promoters members of its network of collaborative partners the purchase of a certain product or service in the framework of new market niches for their customers.

Within this framework, BALDER Business Intelligence also offers to the mandated company of identification of new markets, the realization of a study, the advice and the presentation of business possibilities that can serve for its development at international level, taking into account its main activity.