an ecosystem for the promotion of investment finance
and the development of multilateral, regional and international business partnerships
catalysts for the development
of innovative and sustainable projects
access to resource optimization processes
through the pooling of available strategic information


Optimisation of resources for companies oriented towards
the promotion of innovative and sustainable projects

Mission and vision
Mission and vision

The ALLIANCE is built around an international network of highly specialized companies with extensive experience in consulting and engineering in various legal, tax, financial, technical and technological fields. It is through the presence of subsidiaries abroad (Europe, Africa and Asia) ALLIANCE companies that strategic partners as well as innovative and sustainable corporate clients can access new opportunities for collaboration ensuring access to new markets. The ALLIANCE is headed by a coordinating committee formed by a team of qualified professionals with BALDER Business Intelligence as coordinator and official representative.


The internationally established ALLIANCE offers access to multiple business opportunities through the various networks of its specialized member partners.

  • BALDER Business Intelligence
    International Business Intelligence Group for the Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the Development of International Business Partnerships through the animation of various networks of partners and consultants-Experts in various fields.
  • TWELVE Economic Engineering
    International company oriented towards Research and Development in the field of Artificial Intelligence oriented towards the economy that integrates a knowledge of engineering and the basic economy. Its main function is to facilitate decision-making based on large-scale information processing with different alternatives for the development of new international markets, by exploiting multiple artificial intelligence technologies.
  • YASSIR Capital International
    International company specialized in economic intelligence, grouping all the coordinated activities of collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information useful to economic actors for its operation to assist managers and managers in making informed decisions in various sectors.
  • Sociétés d’Avocats de Droit d’Affaires
    Group of International Law Firms established in various capitals, specialized in the legal advice and accompaniment of cases.
    International accelerator for entrepreneurs of innovative and sustainable projects, offering a business ecosystem of support and development of new business models as well as access to new markets. The accelerator offers a business ecosystem that makes it possible to strengthen the support and administration of startups.
    Company of Administration of companies supervised by qualified and approved specialists. It carries out technical and economic feasibility studies for international investment projects and provides specific market studies according to the needs of its customers.
  • POLARIS Digital Solutions
    International company specializing in digital transformation support and delivery of innovative and sustainable digital solutions.


The responsiveness and quality of the services provided by the ALLIANCE are the result of the use of artificial intelligence in the processing of economic information that makes it possible to make relevant choices among the different partnership alternatives with the aim of enter into new contracts. On this basis, ALLIANCE offers four flagship products.

Le financement des investissements internationaux
Financing international investment

  • Development fund (growth capital, LBO, replacement, turnaround)
  • Venture capital fund (pre-seed and seed capital, start up capital, other early stage, late stage venture)

La recherche de partenaires
Partner search
(Entrepreneur-Investor/ Client-Supplier)

  • Development of international business partnerships

L’accompagnement international de développement
International development support

  • International support in the deployment for access to new markets

L'accompagnement dans la transformation numérique
Support in the digital transformation

  • Application of innovative technologies
  • Organizational Transformation


Every society in its life cycle needs to grow, to develop new markets and start innovative new business models.

The services offered by ALLIANCE cover the innovative and sustainable development needs of the client companies. The ALLIANCE offers different levels of support and assistance, on request and according to the degree desired by the customers, of the involvement of the network of its highly specialized partners. All of its services are coordinated by a group of lawyers specialized in business law.
The ALLIANCE’s flagship service is the business connection provided by BALDER BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, whether for international investment financing, for the development of international partnerships with technology transfer or the development of new export market shares. This service is provided through a permanent international activity of identification and evaluation of economic operators. BALDER Business Intelligence also coordinates and supports all the services offered by the ALLIANCE.
Establishing a business relationship with support

Support and Administrative and Legal Assistance

Technical and economic assistance

Business Support and Administration

Support in the digital transformation

Support and assistance in the analysis of commercial risks