A new Africa-Europe Alliance for International Direct Investment Promotion has been established by BALDER Business Intelligence through the identification of key strategic partners to create favorable conditions for investors (International Business Law Firms, Chambers of Commerce and Professional Organizations, Financial Institutions and Investment Funds and Business Intelligence Networks).

Having an extensive network of strategic international partner companies with which we have signed partnership agreements, we have the opportunity to offer our Clients economic knowledge, commercial and legal, with the sole purpose of ensuring total success. We strive to ensure that the various legal and regulatory processes specific to each country, culture and language are scrupulously respected and honored through the implementation of appropriate and individual work patterns.

Our network of strategic national and foreign partner companies is complemented by a network of international experts incorporated and selected according to their experience, as well as the added value they can bring to our Clients. They are endowed with important capacities of recognized utility to guarantee missions of specialized knowledge, consultations and assistance, but also actions of training according to the required areas. Depending on their experience, they can also participate in meetings and business meetings and in support of negotiations.